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Our Horses

Our horses are chosen for their suitability, and are experienced learner mounts.

They are our partners in our programmes, and as such, are a vital part of Equipotential NZ.

To learn about sponsoring one of our horses, please click here.

Black Pinto horse with white star on face


Ace is sponsored by Bevan and Margaret Bradding
He is a 14.2hh, pinto gelding and is the star of the equine team, Ace joined our team in 2007 and has won the hearts of many people over this time. Ace has contributed to every one of our services over the years and currently now is mainly used in our disability therapy riding programme. His strength and conformation make him idea for our high needs riders and those needing alternative positions.     


Dart is sponsored by Azzie Specialist and joined our team in 2010. He is a 16hh chestnut thoroughbred gelding who successfully raced before becoming a valuable member of the team. Dart is multi skilled and is suited to just about any rider, his high range of abilities means he goes from giving riders their first canter on the lunge, to jumping to walking quietly around with a high needs rider or a first time ride to a 5 year old. Dart has many followers and was the winner of the NZRDA horse of the year awards in 2015.


Prince joined our team in 2010 and is a 10.1hh pinto gelding. He joins in many of programme pulling the carriage, however when saddled with his cowboy saddle many of our smaller riders are all keen to line up for a ride. His amazing ability to have everyone love him sees in high demand of many of our new riders.

Bay Clydesdale Cross Horse with white blaze on face

Hogan is sponsored by Stan Conder and is the gentle giant of the team, joining the team in 2012 and quickly became a rider favorite. Hogan was a successful dressage competition horse previously and continues to show these skills off in each class. His strength, experience and temperament has him in high demand in each programme.


Fox is sponsored by IHC Hamilton and joined the team in 2015. He is a 14.1hh Welsh cob gelding and is very diverse. Often describe as one of the slower member of the team, however when of the lead and ridden independent he is quick to show why the welsh cobs are the preferred pony club mount.

Palomino pony


Brumby is 13.2hh palomino stationbred gelding and joined the team in 2018. His previously experience make him idea for riders transitioning to independent riding skills. Although he is one of the smaller of the team, this he makes up for in character.


Dice is sponsored by Jon and Sue Tanner and joined our team in 2019. He is a solid 16.1hh bay crossbred gelding. Dice comes from a competition background having won many show hunter ribbons, this making him idea for our sport classes, however his great nature sees him across all of the programmes

Bay Pony with white star and snip on face


Maddox is a 14.2hh Bay Gisborne bred gelding and joined our team in 2019. Being one of the younger members of the team, his extended training programme now see him a valuable member of the sports programme where he is able to show off is jumping skills. His strong set conformation, combined with his good nature means he is fast becoming needed across all of the programmes.

Bay Horse with white interrupted stripe on face

Mia is the beauty of the team, joining us in 2019, standing at 15.1hh, she is a bay crossbred mare. Despite her young age she is a well-loved member of our team. Mia displays a natural talent for Dressage and often takes small break from our team to develop these skills further. She is a valuable member across all programmes and her easy temperament and willingness has her in high demand by many riders.


Milo is sponsored by Craigs Investment partners and is a 14.1hh Strawberry roan gelding. Milo joined us at the end of 2020 and had just finished being broken in. Although he is young, he has a lovely calm nature and enjoys being part of the EquiPotential team.  


Mickey is a 16.1hh Chestnut thoroughbred gelding who joined the team in early 2020. Mickey had lots of experience at low level competition before joining us, this making him great also all the programmes, he is always keen to get on with the day and takes everything in.


Aria is an 11.1hh Grey Welsh section A mare who recently joined our horses, she teams up with Prince as part of our carriage programme along with giving rides for our small riders. She loves her carriage work and is a pleasure to have on our team. She also keeps us all busy with us maintaining her beautiful colour.


Cody is sponsored by IHC Hamilton and  is our young new boy of the team, he is  a 15.1hh Chestnut crossbred gelding. Cody was sourced locally and had done  mainly done endurance, hacking and working equitation before joining us. He has integrated into the programme well and with further training, coupled with his willing temperament he will serve us for many years to come!

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