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Our Horses

Our horses are chosen for their suitability, and are experienced learner mounts.

They are our partners in our programmes, and as such, are a vital part of Equipotential NZ.

To learn about sponsoring one of our horses, please click here.

Palomino pony


Brumby is 13.2hh palomino stationbred gelding and joined the team in 2018. In his previous life he was a keen pony club horse making him perfect for our smaller riders who are learning independent riding skills. Brumby is also great for our new volunteers. 


Before joining our team in 2010, Dart was a very successful racehorse. Dart is used in all areas of our programmes including our sports class, and ridden wellbeing programmes. Dart is sponsored by Azzie Specialist Ltd. 


Dice joined our team in 2019. He is a solid 16.1hh bay crossbred gelding and is great for both children and adult riders. He is used mostly in our morning therapy classes. Dice has a cheeky personality and has his favourite volunteers and staff. Dice is sponsored by Jon and Sue Tanner.


Gracie is a 13.1hh grey Welsh cross mare who arrived in early 2023. Grace is very enthusiastic about her job and is a forward moving pony making her ideal for our morning disability programme for those riders who need a forward moving horse or pony to help them improve their concentration. Born in 2013, Gracie joined us from a pony club. 

Bay Clydesdale Cross Horse with white blaze on face

Hogan is the gentle giant of EquiPotential. Before joining the team in 2012, Hogan was a successful dressage competition horse. Hogan loves his job and is used in all areas of our equine-assisted services. He is well-loved by riders, clients, and volunteers due to his calm and quiet disposition. Hogan is sponsored by Stan Conder.

Bay Pony with white star and snip on face


Maddox is a 14.2hh Bay Gisborne bred gelding who joined our team in 2019 from Te Aroha RDA. Born in 2014, he is one of our younger team members. Maddox is used in our morning classes as well as our sports and wellbeing programmes. Maddox has started learning how to take our higher needs therapy riders. 

Bay Horse with white interrupted stripe on face

Mia is a well-loved member of our team. The 15.1hh bay crossbred mare has a talent for dressage and after taking a short break to develop her dressage skills, she is back in the Equipotential programme and is thriving. Mia works in all areas of our programmes including our morning disability programme and wellbeing programmes. 


Mickey is a 16.1hh Chestnut thoroughbred gelding who joined the team in early 2020. He is perfect for adult riders and also smaller riders. Mickey is mainly used in our morning sessions and is well-known for his energetic and enthusiastic work ethic. 


A 14.1hh Strawberry roan gelding who joined us at the end of 2020. Born in 2016 he is one of the youngest members of the team. Milo has a lovely calm nature and enjoys being part of the EquiPotential team. He is currently on loan to a student at St Peter's School in Cambridge where is loving life and gaining life experience. Milo is sponsored by Craigs Investment partners. 


Prince joined our team in 2010. A 10.1hh pinto gelding, he is the smallest member of the team and is mainly used as our carriage pony as well as in our unmounted wellbeing programmes. Prince used to compete in carriage driving before joining the team. 


Spirit joined the team in July 2023. A 14.1hh Haflinger gelding born in 2014, Spirit has a gentle, quiet nature and shows promise for our therapy and disability programmes. 


TK is our up-and-coming superstar who is sponsored by Te Akau Racing. A 16hh Bay thoroughbred gelding, TK is in the process of learning how to be a therapy horse. Born in 2018, he has a calm trainable nature and best of all, he loves people. 


Turbo joined the team towards the end of 2022. He is a 16.1hh Chestnut thoroughbred gelding (born in 2009). Turbo has quickly become a favourite member of the team. He loves people and is well-known for taking it upon himself to do the rider activities. Turbo is mostly used in our morning disability programme and wellbeing programmes. 


Zeek arrived in 2022 and quickly settled into the programme. Despite being a 16hh chestnut thoroughbred gelding he is very much on the lazy side and is perfect for new volunteers and nervous riders. Zeek is also great for our riders learning to ride independently at walk or trot. 

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