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Disability Therapeutic Riding

Hippotherapy (treatment with the aid of a horse) has long been used for rehabilitation and physical therapy for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. The movement of horses provides the rider with motor and sensory input, improving neurological, limbic, vestibular, and ocular function; sensory processing; and musculoskeletal strength.


EquiPotential’s disability therapeutic riding programme is tailored to each individual rider. As well as physical and neurological therapy, our riders develop their skills and abilities and improve wellbeing, confidence, and self-esteem through their interaction with our team of horses.


As well as our mounted therapy (on the horses), we run a range of unmounted therapy programmes, which benefit people who are unable to ride for medical or other reasons.


Our disability therapy riding programme runs from Monday to Friday. Please get in touch.

 “The change we have seen is amazing, and we as a whanau, can’t begin to thank you enough.”

“Our daughter loves her riding and has improved so much. The bonus of riding is all the life skills and confidence. It has given her the ability to be the best she can be.”

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